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Solar Panel Companies To Avoid – We’re not naming, but armed with knowledge, it will be obvious…Especially in their advertising…


Based on the search results about the type of solar panel companies to avoid, it seems there is some truth to the claim that people are being misled about grid-tie solar systems, though the issue is complex.



The key points from problem solar panel company research are:

1) Grid-tie solar systems do shut off when the grid goes down, so they provide no backup power during outages. This is an important limitation unannounced by several solar panel companies to avoid and that some consumers may not fully understand[1][3][6][14].

2) There are some potentially misleading ads and sales tactics used by some solar companies, like exaggerating potential savings or tax benefits[1][6][15][21][24]. Consumers need to do their research and be wary of high-pressure sales tactics.

3) However, grid-tie solar can still provide significant savings on electric bills through net metering in many areas[8][13]. (Actually, this Is Not True) But, Do Your Own research — You are responsible to yourself.

Primarily You Should Ask: After buying and financing their panels and installation, what is your new monthly costs? And By The Way, Quality Solar Panels Are Under $200 Each – See Here


Grid Tie Solar - Do The Math!

Grid Tie Solar – Do The Math!

Some Of The Big Questions:

What is your monthly costs after financing often bloated solar equipment prices and installation?

What is the service contract?

What are the warranties protecting your home?

Will there be a lien against your property?

What are the terms of a lease? (WAIT, DON’T EVER DO A LEASE!)

Is A Battery Storage System “Really” More Costly? (Click To Find Out Here)

Make sure you ask these questions. Get more knowledge by contacting Wild Sun Solar.


4) There are other options like adding battery storage to enable backup power, though that adds cost[7][14]. And off-grid solar systems provide backup power but have other tradeoffs[9][17].

Yes, Weigh the cost of battery backup and an entire system which; YOU OWN, YOU CONTROL, YOU SAVE MONEY, YOU MAKE THE BEST INVESTMENT IN SOLAR!


In summary, people should not be misled that grid-tie solar provides backup power or exaggerations about savings. Consumers need to weigh the pros and cons for their particular situation.


For a friendly and honest consultation about grid tie solar and the realities of getting the best solar system for your home, cabin, RV, jobsite or any other electrical power needs; Schedule A Call With Wild Sun Solar.


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