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Let’s Talk About Off Grid Solar Options…


Jump right in and take a look at the hottest new off grid inverter from our favorite supplier over at Signature Solar…This thing flew off the shelves when they released it, but I just got off the phone today and a new supply is heading in! Reserve yours now… Click the image below.

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Wild Sun Solar

Wild Sun Solar is set to power up your off grid solar system!

Wild Sun Solar might be Montana’s newest solar supply company, but their family’s experience stems from over 20 years in the solar power business. Wild Sun’s expertise is now proud to supply and service the localized residential, business, and recreational solar energy demand.

Today’s Off Grid Solar Energy: Compact & Efficient

The Evolution of Off Grid Solar Energy Systems

  • Today’s solar alternative energy systems are much more simplified than those of the recent past.
  • More efficient and durable solar panels capture the sun's energy.
  • Superior pure sine wave power inverters convert that sun energy into usable energy in the household.
  • Much safer and efficient Lithium batteries act as energy storage tanks for cloudy days and nighttime.
  • A variety of modern connectivity components, safety switches, wiring, and mounting systems tie it all together.

Off Grid Solar Product Offerings

We offer a specific collection of off grid solar components, ensuring quality and reliability.

Off Grid Solar Product Category Product Description
Solar Power Inverters Convert sun energy into household energy.
Charge Controllers Ensure optimal battery charging.
Solar Panels Efficiently capture sun energy.
Batteries Store energy for off-peak periods.
Wiring & Connectivity Secure connections between components.
Installation Services Professional setup and installation.
Solar Panel Mounting Secure and optimal positioning for panels.

Premium Off Grid Solar Products Spotlight

Smart Power Inverter Systems

Introducing state-of-the-art smart power inverter systems, making solar setups hassle-free. These lightweight yet potent inverters can cater to loads up to 18KW in a single unit, offering 120/240 volts.

Top-of-the-Line Solar Panels

Secure the industry's finest solar panels. The standout is the Canadian Solar 390W panels, now available for about $140.

     “I am currently running my home on 4 400W Solar panels, a 3000W 48V Signature Solar Inverter, and one 100Ah 5000W 48V Signature Solar EG4 battery. I believe in practicing what you represent and am proud to be living 100% off the corporate power grid.”
~ Eric Schultz - President of Wild Sun Solar Products Division

Modern Off Grid Solar Battery Energy Storage Units

Discover the paramount battery energy storage units at Wild Sun Solar. The hot pick is the efficient 48 Volt lithium iron phosphate (LiFePo4) batteries, with capacity ranging from 5000 watt hours to 14.5K Watt hours. Gone are the days of bulky battery stacks—these modern units are impressively compact.

Click Here To Explore Off Grid Battery System Components

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