Off Grid Solar Inverter EG4 3000 Watt

The EG4 3000W Off Grid Solar inverter is a game changer in the world of off-grid solar systems.

With its phenomenal 3000W output and robust 5000W PV input, the EG4 3KW is designed to meet a wide range of your energy needs.


“Preparing to install the off grid solar EG4 3000 Watt Inverter and LiFePower4 battery for our RV in Montana.” ~ Wild Sun Solar founder, Eric Schultz

Its compact design uniquely accommodates a built-in MPPT solar charger, a battery charger, and an inverter all in one, easily navigable with an LCD display for your configurable settings.

Whether it’s powering small barn builds or supporting necessities like lighting, fridges, or a 9K BTU Mini Split, this tiny giant does it all! As a cherry on top, it comes with a bonus kit loaded with a Wifi Stick, a UL listed Nader Breaker and Din Bracket, and Battery Cables.

Designed for safety and reliability, its features include overload, overtemperature and short circuit protection, and it’s all backed by a 3-year warranty. The EG4 3KW Off-Grid Inverter, lightweight and high-powered, is what you need for an efficient and worry-free off-grid power experience.

Off Grid Solar Inverter EG4 3KW Is Reliable

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Why Consider This Product?

Your power needs may be vastly unique, but this doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality and reliability of your solutions. The Off-Grid Solar Inverter EG4 3KW is designed not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them. Leveraging advanced solar technology, this product offers a renewable, dependable, and value-for-money source of electricity. It is ideal for off-grid situations, such as small barn builds, reducing reliance on traditional power grids and tackling the sporadic power outages experienced in remote locations.

In today’s era of progressive technology, the EG4 3KW Off-Grid Inverter is a masterstroke of design and functionality. Its strong reputation is backed by favorable customer reviews, with particular emphasis on its efficiency, usability, and durability. Energy experts also acknowledge and endorse its remarkable capabilities, adding to the credibility of this power solution.

Features and Benefits

Powerful Performance

The EG4 3KW is not your ordinary inverter. Featuring a robust 3000W output and a maximum PV input of 5000W, it can handle a diverse range of power needs.

User-Friendly Nature

This inverter comes with a user-friendly LCD display that allows you to configure settings and operations effortlessly.

Comprehensive Package

Apart from being an inverter, this product also brags a built-in MPPT solar charger and a battery charger all in one compact package.

Safety Element

Your safety is a priority. As such, the inverter ensures overload, over-temperature, and short circuit protection.

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Product Quality

The Off-Grid Solar Inverter EG4 3KW excels in not just functionality but also quality. This is evidenced by the 3-year warranty and the dedicated servicing out of Texas for your convenience.

What It’s Used For

Off-Grid Powering

This inverter is designed specifically for situations away from the traditional power grid.

Solar Applications

Given its 500 VOC input, the inverter is desirable for various solar applications.

Reliable Power Supply

It effortlessly supports lights, an average fridge or freezer, and a 9K BTU Mini Split.

Remote Settings Adjustment

The bonus kit includes a Wifi Stick that allows you to adjust its settings remotely.


Product Specifications

Rated Power: 3,000W
Max PV Input: 5000W
Battery Voltage: 48V
Max Charging Current: 80A
Max MPPT Operating Voltage: 500VDC
Rated AC Output Power: 120V

Who Needs This

The Off-Grid Solar Inverter EG4 3KW is ideal for anybody seeking a reliable power solution for off-grid situations. This can range from campers, outdoor explorers, to residents in remote areas.


Pros and Cons

For any product, knowing its strengths and weaknesses is vital. The EG4 3KW Off-Grid Inverter prides on quality, power, and affordability.

Final Recommendation

If you need an efficient, reliable, and affordable off-grid power solution, the EG4 3KW Off-Grid Inverter is undoubtedly worth considering.

Discover more about the Off Grid Solar Inverter EG4 3KW Is Reliable.